We believe that Traditional Irish Music is first and foremost about enjoyment and fun. With this in mind, we have chosen expert instructors from the Columbus area who have been playing Irish music throughout the Midwest and beyond for many years. These instructors have performed all over the U.S and have graced many stages in both theatres and festivals, many of which are internationally recognized. Some are young, some are of an older vintage, but all are young at heart and take immense pleasure in bestowing onto the next generation the same passion for music that they themselves were gifted during their own childhood years. Each instructor also has a great appreciation for the music as a discipline that requires attention to detail and the importance of practice. Our instructors understand the art of developing one’s own craft and style and see it as a journey that, although it can take many years, is one of life’s more rewarding pursuits that can be enjoyed into one’s senior years. With one eye on the fun and the other on the teaching, the future of Irish Traditional Music in the Dublin/Columbus area is in good hands.

Mick Broderick

Mandolin / Tenor Banjo, Bouzouki / Mandola Instructor


Mick Broderick, of the Broderick’s of East Galway, grew up in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin where he learned mandolin under the tutelage of local musician Tom Moran. Some years later Mick found and developed a deep affinity with the bouzouk and quickly became in great demand on the Dublin (Ireland) music scene. Before long he began recording with various artists such as Padraig Rynne, Gavin Whelan, Zoe Conway, Bill Whelan (Riverdance) and Neil Lyons, among others. He went on to be one of the founding members of the headlining band SLIDE with whom he became very familiar to audiences throughout Ireland, Europe and America. Now based in Dublin, Ohio, Mick continues to write, record and produce music at the highest level, most recently with Dave Curley on the highly acclaimed album ‘Brand New Day’. Following in the footsteps of the great composer Vincent Broderick and piano player with Arcady, Patsy Broderick, Mick continues to invigorate the Irish music tradition, finding unique ways of expression and originality. Mick is also a 5th grade teacher in Westerville, Ohio, where he not only teaches his homeroom class but also a mandolin orchestra in the mornings before school.

Phil Franck


Phil Franck is an energetic local veteran of Irish music, having played many years with The Fish House Band (bluegrass), and the legendary Irish Brigade. He still plays with Yankee Celtic Consort and The Drowsy Lads. He grew up in a musical family (parents met playing in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra; mom graduated from Eastman School of Music, and dad Jimmy led the house band at the infamous Valley Dale ballroom when swing was king). Phil passed music along to his own sons Josh and Johnny, although it was actually Phil’s sweet wife Renee who taught their boys their first chords on the guitar.

Josh Franck

Bodhran / Button-Box Accordion

Josh Franck was destined to discover traditional Irish music. Born to a member of Columbus’ legendary Irish Brigade, the music was in his blood from the start. Of course, Mom and Dad spurred him along in more deliberate ways, too. Knowing Josh was afraid of the dark, they hid the TV in the basement and spread instruments around the house, so his childhood brain turned to music, not mush.

Watching his dad on stage from an early age, he developed an affinity for the communion of Irish music, and once Dad had invited teenage Josh and his bodhran on stage, a passion for performance was soon to follow. A year later, he adopted the button-box accordion, and by college he was spinning out reels with skill and flair. He is a founding member of the well-known group The Drowsey Lads and continues to wow audiences throughout the Mid-West and beyond.

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